How Design Thinking Can Help Brands Enhance Customer Delight?

How Design Thinking Can Help Brands Enhance Customer Delight?

Customer delight - Its a pleasant surprise when the brand in connection offers something they were secretly looking for. 

Brands can achieve customer delight by: -
  1. Bringing in the best products and services with easy and non complicated customer support. 
  2. By being the first one to introduce.
  3. Knowing the customers' tastes and preferences without violating their privacy.
  4. Engaging with customers in meaningful ways, for example when Apple Music launched spatial audio they emailed and we were pleasantly surprised. We are more likely to open Apple emails as they are so personalized and relevant, compared to other brand communications. 
This certainly will lead to higher brand recall with positive note, and higher referrals by customers to their friends and family.  Plus customers will be curious and looking forward to the next launch of new line of products or services.

Team Ideazfirst offers loyalty management services for brands with the following services: -
  1. Customer engagements after researching the client segment and by way of active surveys followed by gifts for participating in the survey. 
  2. Creating offers and promotions offers with other brands offering complimentary products or services. 
  3. Design and printing of attractive communication / magazines (preferably in the print format)
  4. These magazines being couriered to the registered members.  
  5. Analytics & engagement assessment after each campaign
Apple is the most valuable brand worldwide and the most loved brand. That's why Apple's quarterly revenue by product category has surpassed all the industry estimates. The quarterly results of Q1 2020 and Q1 2021 growth figures tell it all.
iPhone  +65.5% 
Services  +26.6% 
Macbook +70.1% 
Wearables, Home & Accessories - 24.7% 
iPad +78.7%

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