Clockwise Motions are natural motions of the universe

Harmonizing work & life with Clockwise Motions... for Sustainable Success

Defining Clockwise Direction / Motion - A clockwise (typically abbreviated as CW) motion is one that proceeds in the same direction as a clock's hands: from the top to the right, then down and then to the left, and back up to the top.
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 Did you notice the Clockwise Coincidence with you and around you, some of them are ….

  • Time always travels in Clockwise motion – see your watch, it never stops or reverses for anyone.
  • We stir food while cooking in clockwise motion, as well as our coffee in same motion,
  • We open the locks and switch on / start the cars / vehicles in clockwise motion,
  • The Manual sewing machines handle / wheels also rotate in clockwise motion to operate
  • We all ride a bicycle and rotate the pedals in a clockwise motion to move it forward.
  • Or the pedal boats where we move the pedals clockwise to move it forward. Even the rowing boats would have the same theory. Similarily for row boats, the movement of the tip of the oars also move in clockwise motion.
  • The photographs shown in print publications like magazines or newspaper are always described in a clockwise manner.
  • The windmills do produce wind energy when rotated in clockwise fashion.
  • The Helicopters’ blades rotate in a clockwise fashion while flying.
  • Earth revolves around the sun in a clockwise motion, and it rotates in its own axis in a clockwise motion, that’s why we see the sun rising in east and setting in west.
  • The business graphs are always plotted from Left TO Right and Upwards to depict progress and growth. If you put a wheel on the bottom of the graph and rotate it clockwise only then you can move it to the growth or positive direction.
  • As per Vaastu also, we should open doors and climb staircases in clockwise motion and vice versa. The residences which had an anti-clockwise climbing up staircase were supposed to be unlucky.
  • In Hindu culture, we rotate the puja thali / aarti thali in a clockwise motion, and we do take pheris around the temple and during marriage in a clockwise motion.
Now why is clockwise motions so important? 
Positive energy  is generated and flows with clockwise motions as its a constructive and energizing motion.
All the actions and things done in this clockwise motion would eventually result in sustainable success.

For example - Breathing in is a clockwise action, while breathing out is anticlockwise action as its expels CO2. We must put effort to breathe in, but we don't need to put effort to breathe out. If we do our clockwise action, the anti clockwise action will automatically happen.